Manoj Tewari

US Patent pending status holder, Gold bullion trader, Licensed Realtor from New York state, Panelled consultant with the Top 5 consultancy company. Manoj Tewari ~ Founder & CEO of #iGrowCash is a serial innovator and inventor. Currently he is almost ready with two products that the world badly needs and they both are addressing a major pain point of the society. One of them has a ready market bigger than iPhone. He is going to apply for a US Patent for these two also. He is gearing up to meet the CEO’s of MSFT | APPL | AMZN | FB | GOOG | SAMSUNG | SONY to name a few companies that have a very futuristic vision. He says ~ it’s a CATCH ME FIRST if you can. It’s his strong belief that once a company buys his products. That company will keep buying a bit of his genius every now and then.

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